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Affordable Government Contracting Consulting


Billable fees include daily and hourly rates for services provided. Increments less than 1/2 hour are not billed. This includes on site and off site effort including telephone conferencing.
Travel time to and from the on site location is also billable at a lower hourly rate.
All expenses incurred including lodging, meals, telephone, travel mileage, tolls, parking, and unique office expense items such as forms and specific documents, are billable at cost.

Current Hourly rates are $150/hr for services and $100/hr for travel.  Fixed price arrangements can be made for specific assignments that are well defined in scope and duration.


Long term consulting agreements between the parties are available for those firms wishing to retain our services for a specified duration.

Consulting agreements may encompass the company and all its subsidiaries, divisions, or other affiliated entities.

Agreements which include a retainer for services will be for a specified number of billable hours plus expenses.

Non-disclosure agreements may be used where company private or sensitive data will be exchanged during the course of the engagement.


We can also develop training materials and provide on site training for small/ medium sized groups.